The outrage continues as it was reported that CBS tried to blame supporters of Donald Trump for violence that occurred during a demonstration in Portland. The event was held by a far-right group called “Patriot Prayer” and “Proud Boys” but they were met by protesters and violent clashes by the far-left group of intolerant misfits who identify themselves as “Antifa.” The event was held by the right-wing group and it was specifically their party.

The trouble didn’t start until the uninvited showed up ready to fight. When the Antifa people showed up, that’s when the trouble started. If they had minded their own business and went to their own event, then there would not have been any violence at all. One simply does not show up to an event ready to cause trouble and get away with it. Police were involved and there was reportedly clashes between the police and the far-left instigators. Tear gas was involved and directed towards the Antifa group of trouble-makers.

Unsure if it was accidental or on purpose, but it was reported that Reena Ninan talked about the tear gas, but did not appear to mention who the police were likely targeting their tear gas towards. What may have then happened is that it looked like the right-wing group was the troublemakers, when in fact it was most likely the leftists who showed up to start trouble in the first place. Again, if the unhinged people on the left did not show up to start trouble at someone else’s event, then no violence would’ve taken place, nor would the event have received much media coverage. The media doesn’t really enjoy covering events that don’t have controversy. There can’t be violence and fights if the uninvited side doesn’t show up to crash the party. It’s just rude and it gets people hurt. Weren’t they taught any manners during all those years of living in their parents’ basement?

Mike Bivins covered the event and posted on Twitter about it.

This video is an example of the nonsense going on in which masked people arrive and start trouble. Wouldn’t it make sense for both sides to have their own events and leave each other alone? Probably, but of course – what fun is that? We wouldn’t have such crazy videos to watch if they all behaved!

Gateway Pundit reported:
“In Portland, a massive demonstration by a right wing group turned violent,” are the first words out of Reena Ninan‘s mouth during a CBS Weekend News report on the dueling protests.

This would be true except none of the violence came from the “right wing” Trump supporting Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys. The clashes and violence were between the police and the Antifa instigators who showed up to start fight.

Ninan stumbled ahead by saying, “Police used tear gas to break up several small scuffles between and some anti fascists. Tensions were high as an officer tried to take a sign away from a woman. He ended up shoving her to the ground. When she got up and ran away, she was swarmed by several other officers.”

This would also be true except the biased Reena Ninan neglects to mention that the tear gas was directed toward the communists of Antifa, and the woman in question was one of the commies. Nina then passes the story off to Portland local reporter Jennifer Dowling of KOIN6.”

CBS reported:
“Self-described anti-fascists — or “antifa” — have been organizing anonymously online to confront Patriot Prayer and an affiliated group, the Proud Boys, in the streets.

A broader counter-protest organized by a coalition of labor unions, immigrant rights groups and artists planned to gather at City Hall before the Patriot Prayer rally. Organizers said that while Patriot Prayer denies being a white supremacist group, it affiliates itself with known white supremacists, white nationalists and neo-Nazi gangs.

“Patriot Prayer is continuing to commit violence in our city, and their events are becoming more and more violent,” said Effie Baum of Pop Mob, a coalition of community groups organizing the counter-demonstration. “Leaving them a small group to attack in the streets is only going to allow them to perpetuate their violence.”

Again – if the Patriot Prayer group holds an event for themselves, and Antifa shows up – then who is to blame? Antifa is to blame. Antifa is the violent group causing trouble in almost every location they go. Had Antifa not showed up in Charlottesville, then three people probably wouldn’t have lost their lives.

Being part of the far right or far left is fine. People have the freedom of speech to believe and align themselves as far left or right as they wish. However, there’s a huge problem when the far right has an event for themselves and the far left show up to start trouble.

Now there’s a problem. Now there’s violence. Now people are fighting in the streets and the only one happy is the mainstream media who cashes in on airing these battles. They probably enjoy higher ratings from people watching their videos on social media and whatever news programming they have, not to mention people sharing these stories around. Sharing is caring, right?

Who is to blame? Antifa is the problem when they show up to other people’s events and it’s about time that people realize this.


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