Jesse Watters responded to Joe Biden’s decision to run for a second term and his first re-election campaign. In what perhaps may be the DNC’s mockery of the American people and the broken voting system, the Democrats brought in Pa. Senator Fetterman, to help kick off Biden’s campaign. Fetterman may be the only politician who struggles to construct a lucid sentence as much as Joe Biden. His election, like Biden’s, seems nearly impossible.

In John Fetterman’s nonsensical opening statement, he called Biden a ‘collapsed bridge’ who was there to work with the Pennsylvania Governor. From there, Fetterman’s speech rambled into incoherent sentences and mispronounced words.

Jesse Watters took to Fetterman’s description of Joe as a collapsed bridge, saying he was supposed to be a one-term deal: a bridge to the next generation. But that bridge has blown up so he’s rolling the dice and running again. Primetime did an investigation into the so-called Biden campaign and we found out there’s no campaign. No headquarters, no finance department and barely any staff. And you’re being lied to about it. But the country doesn’t care because being lied to feels better.


One Twitter user responded to Jesse Watter’s tweet saying Biden doesn’t need a campaign staff. He has the FBI, the DOJ, the IRS, and the CIA. All of these are taxpayer-funded, leaving him very little need to fundraise.

Watters also noted that this time Biden would be in front of crowds instead of hiding in his basement. He noted that Biden had been historically unable to run a successful campaign in front of an audience,

“Biden was supposed to be the bridge from an old generation to the new and just stop Trump and let Kamala take over the next election, but that can happen. That bridge blew up, so Biden tested his luck running for reelection without a pandemic. So, this time, we’re going to get a real Joe Biden in front of a crowd for an entire campaign. This has never happened in the history of Biden’s career. Every time you put Biden in front of a crowd, he had to drop out of the race immediately. “


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