What a stretch (sarcasm!)! Black is the color of the night for the phony baloney Hollywood peeps who were probably thrilled that they were all ordered to wear black or be ostracized. The “MeToo” movement is just like the Black Lives Matter movement…All hat but no cattle. We’re all for passion and action but this rings hollow with us. Everyone is bringing their “pet” activist tonight too…Emma Watson and others bringing “real people” to watch a Hollywood awards show:

Gimme a break!

The attendees of the Golden globes are all wearing black in protest of behavior they witnessed but never spoke up on…What a joke! does Harvey Weinstein ring a bell for people like Meryl Streep?

Hollywood is best at throwing a ribbon on or wearing something in protest…but do they really put that protest into action? Nope!

The fake excitement and joy is petty funny if they’re protesting wearing black…Kelly Clarkson screams like she’s never been around Meryl Streep before…Suuuure

Jessica Chastain:

This is the latest cause du jour but there will be another one next week…

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