I soooo wish we could tell you this was a joke. Illegal aliens are already getting preferential treatment in the college admissions process and with financial aid decisions due to their “minority” status. College students who are unable to comprehend what the word “illegal” means are now demanding that college campuses across America offer “safe spaces” for ILLEGAL aliens and their families from President-elect Donald J. Trump. So far, most of the students involved in this “sanctuary college” effort are attending Ivy League schools, which used to mean they were some of the brightest students in America. Sadly, it appears that is no longer the case…

College students across the country are now demanding that their schools be converted into sanctuary campuses to protect illegal immigrants from President-elect Donald Trump’s vowed crackdown on immigration.

At Harvard University, for instance, “concerned” students and faculty presented a petition to the elite school’s administration in which they “urgently demand that you directly support our undocumented students.”

“President-elect Donald J. Trump now possesses the power to materialize his words with the support of our [C]ongress, making the repeal of vital immigration policies not only possible, but frighteningly plausible,” the petition asserts before going on to present a list of several demands to ensure the protection of illegal immigrants at Harvard.

Among the demands are calls for the hiring of a “full-time Assistant Dean under the Dean of Diversity and Inclusion” whose sole objective will be to “support the undocumented/DACA-mented students at the college.”

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Additionally, the ultimatum orders Harvard’s administration to “establish a distinct budget for undocumented students” to “cover fees associated with immigration-related legal proceedings,” and to hire “a mental health professional” to work with “marginalized communities.”

Finally, Harvard students and faculty call on their administration to “proclaim Harvard Memorial Church” a member of “the network of sanctuary churches that provide refuge for students facing deportation proceedings.”

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This isn’t the first time Harvard has been in the spotlight for going out of their way to accommodate illegal alien students. In September 2014, an illegal alien teenager from California, Dario Guerrero was contacted by a Harvard guidance counselor, who told him if he were to be accepted, all of his financial needs would be met.

Months later he got a call from the prestigious school. He was accepted.

“This meant I wouldn’t have to worry about student loans or quarterly tuition payments; that I always had a place to stay away from home; that I could travel every semester, on Harvard’s dime, back to California; that my parents would never have to worry whether I’d finish school. Those are luxuries few people, documented or not, ever have,” Guerrero wrote.

In a statement to Fox News Latino, Harvard spokesperson Colin Manning said Guerrero isn’t the first undocumented immigrant to be accepted at Harvard. He pointed out several other instances in recent years. – FOX Latino

Meanwhile, at Yale University, students are now circulating a petition that commands the university to “investigate the possibility of our campus serving as a sanctuary for students, staff, and their family members who face imminent deportation,” saying that “many students and their families now live in fear of Donald Trump’s deportation threats.”

At Brown University, students and staff have also submitted a letter to their administration demanding that it “investigate the possibility of our campus serving as a sanctuary for students, our staff members, and their family members who face imminent deportation,” using language that is almost precisely the same as that of Yale’s petition.

“Our active support of our most vulnerable members will demonstrate Brown’s commitment to defend our values of inclusion, justice, and humanity,” the letter states. “It may give comfort to those, especially within the Brown community, who are frightened and unsure about their future and safety.”

Go to Campus Reform for entire story.

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