Heart inflammation severe enough to cause hospitalization is more common among vaccinated individuals than unvaccinated according to study

So the vaccines aren’t just ineffective, but unsafe, according to studies. Go figure. A massive study of tens of millions of Europeans revealed that those who have received COVID-19 vaccines are more likely to suffer from heart inflammation which causes hospitalization than those who did not receive a vaccine.

The risky Pfizer Vaccine

From The Epoch Times:

Rates of myocarditis or pericarditis, two types of heart inflammation, are above the levels in an unvaccinated cohort, pegged at 38 per 100,000 after receipt of a second dose of a vaccine built on messenger RNA (mRNA) technology in males aged 16 to 24—the group studies have shown are most at risk of the post-vaccination condition—researchers with health agencies in Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway found.

“These extra cases among men aged 16–24 correspond to a 5 times increased risk after Comirnaty and 15 times increased risk after Spikevax compared to unvaccinated,” Dr. Rickard Ljung, a professor and physician at the Swedish Medical Products Agency and one of the principal investigators of the study, told The Epoch Times in an email.

Or in simpler speech, there young, healthy men who should not have even needed the vaccine to begin with, especially due to being part of a low-risk group, are at far greater risk of severe heart inflammation due to Pfizer’s (Comirnaty) and Moderna’s (Spikevax) poorly tested and rushed out jabs.

These results are similar in other demographics as well, except for Moderna’s first dose in girls aged 12-15.

Researchers concluded, “the risks of myocarditis and pericarditis were highest within the first 7 days of being vaccinated, were increased for all combinations of mRNA vaccines, and were more pronounced after the second dose.”

Previous studies indicate that the risk of heart inflammation from COVID-19 itself is actually lower than the risk from these companies’ jabs.

The Nordic nations from which this study originates are among the only Western nations which have actually stopped usage of Moderna’s vaxx due to health and safety concerns, while nearly every other European country, along with the US, continue to push the jab on anyone and everyone they can.

Dr. Peter McCullough, chief medical adviser for the Truth for Health Foundation and a cardiologist, said the following to The Epoch Times:

“In cardiology we spend our entire career trying to save every bit of heart muscle. We put in stents, we do heart catheterization, we do stress tests, we do CT angiograms. The whole game of cardiology is to pervert preserve heart muscle. Under no circumstances would we accept a vaccine that causes even one person to stay sustain heart damage. Not one. And this idea that ‘oh, we’re going to ask a large number of people to sustain heart damage for some other theoretical benefit for a viral infection,’ which for most is less than a common cold, is untenable. The benefits of the vaccines in no way outweigh the risks.”

The risks certainly sound worse for most people than the “reward” and this study confirms how potentially dangerous the vaccines can be.

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