Afghanistan? Are Americans still trapped in Afghanistan? Didn’t Joe Biden successfully end that war?

If you’ve been paying attention to our dishonest media, you’re likely to believe that Joe Biden successfully withdrew our troops from the war in Afghanistan, and the few Americans (which is now estimated at over 1K) who were left behind, will be just fine under Taliban rule. With the exception of over 1 million unvetted illegal aliens crossing our borders, the worst inflation in decades, the collapse of small businesses and hospitals over authoritarian COVID mandates, and an education system run by CRT terrorists, an increase in openly Socialist elected leaders, and a mentally incompetent “president,” the media will tell you that all in America is well.

The guy who allegedly got 81 million votes after campaigning from his basement is not only a disaster; he’s a liar and a fraud who exhibited absolute cowardice and incompetence in the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

On September 28, Joe Biden’s top generals, his Defense Secretary, and Joint Chiefs of Staff were placed in the hot seat before members of Congress, where they were asked to explain the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. The shocking mismanagement of the evacuation efforts led to the desertion of hundreds of Americans, thousands of Afghan allies who helped to fight the war on terror in Afghanistan, the deaths of 13 U.S. military members, and nine innocent people, including seven small children in a drone strike intended for terrorists.

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Fox News’ Jesse Waters laid out the stunning, reckless incompetence of Joe Biden and his regime, which left billions of dollars in military equipment behind in Afghanistan for Taliban terrorists:

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A recently uncovered, stunning August 12, 2007 video of then-presidential candidate Joe Biden speaking to a small crowd in Winterset, Iowa during his campaign, reveals the truth about how Biden fully understood the serious ramifications of his actions when he withdrew out troops and left billions of dollars of military equipment behind for our enemies.

It’s not just the extremely creepy moment where Joe Biden leans in on a woman in the front row, places his hands on her legs, and stares into her face, that’s disturbing for anyone watching; it’s the warning Joe Biden shares with his supporters about how NOT to withdraw from the Afghanistan/Iraq war that should outrage every single American—regardless of political affiliation.

“If you leave those billions of dollars of weapons behind, I promise, they’re gonna be used against your grandchildren and mine!” Biden warned, only to do the exact same thing 14 years later.


Lara Logan, host of “Lara Logan Has No Agenda” on Fox Nation, explained the seriousness of Joe Biden leaving billions of dollars of U.S. military equipment behind for the Taliban.

“This is much worse than anybody realizes,” she said, explaining that Pakistan and the Taliban are both working to thwart U.S. interests in the region.

When the Taliban began its invasion of Afghanistan, pilots in the Afghan military fled to Uzbekistan, taking with them sensitive and high-tech U.S. military equipment. Lara Logan says multiple sources in both the U.S. and Afghan militaries have confirmed to her that the U.S. “has agreed to give all of that air force capability to the Taliban.” “Seven Blackhawk helicopters, close air support, four special mission wing Mi-17s,” and the list goes on.

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