As migrants pour into the United States by the thousands, it has been revealed in a report by the Department of Homeland Security that the Venezuelan government has been emptying its overcrowded prisons and releasing many convicted criminals, who are heading for the wide-open U.S.-Mexico border.

The DHS intelligence report was given to Border Patrol agents, who were warned about Venezuelan criminals being emptied from prisons, and given instructions to try and look for these inmates at the border. An undisclosed source from Customs and Border Protection(CBP) shared details of this report with the news outlet Breitbart Texas, revealing that the released convicts include hardened, dangerous criminals – some of whom were convicted of murder, rape, and extortion.

Freed Venezuelan prisoners are reportedly in migrant caravans traveling toward the border from Tapachula, Mexico.

However, the U.S. Border Patrol is unable to vet every migrant that comes through the border due to the massive volume of people arriving daily. Therefore, it is not known how many criminals have already been released into the U.S.

Recently, two Venezuelan immigrants revealed to the Daily Caller News Foundation that there are no documents being presented upon arrival at the border. The Venezuelan men warned that “they don’t have any documents to tell if they’re criminals or not.”


Breitbart’s source confirmed this assessment, saying that the border agents have no way to know who is a criminal and who is not.

“Unless we apprehend someone who voluntarily tells us they have committed a violent crime in Venezuela, we can only guess and that doesn’t work well,” said the source. “They will more than likely be released.”

Additionally, there is no real criminal database in Venezuela that the border agents are able to access as they allow people into the country, making it nearly impossible to keep the newly-released, dangerous criminals out of the U.S.

Part of the DHS report also revealed the potential involvement of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service – similar to the CIA – in the intentional release of violent offenders.

Venezuelan gangs have been known to cause violent disruptions in South American countries, and U.S. citizens now fear this kind of violence being brought across the borders.

Rep. Troy Nehls (R-Tx) posted on Twitter about this breaking report, saying,

“DHS confirms that Venezuela empties prisons and sends violent criminals to our southern border. President Trump warned us about this years ago.”


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