Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is undoubtedly a tragedy for all involved.  Already, thousands of people have died, and entire cities have been reduced to dust because of Russia’s bombing campaign.  What is worse is that the United States may have been able to play a role in avoiding the tragedy altogether had President Biden dealt from strength as President Trump did during his administration.

Last year, Biden lifted sanctions on companies assisting Russia with the construction of the Nordstream pipeline despite Russia offering no concessions.

During both Obama’s and Biden’s tenure, Russia has acted out aggressively, invading Crimea in 2014 under Obama and launching a full-scale invasion of Russia under Biden.

In an interview with Sean Hannity, Hollywood superstar Sean Penn acknowledged that Russia could be reigned in if we dealt with Putin from a position of strength.  WATCH:



Hannity:  They [Ukraine] were at the time, the third largest nuclear power in the world.  They gave them to Russia to destroy in exchange for protection from Russia, Great Britain, and the US.  The lesson to be learned here, don’t give up your nuclear weapons if you have them because you can’t believe people like Vladimir Putin”.

Penn: Even countries that have nuclear weapons can remain intimidated to use them, and we’re seeing that now with our own country, and we’re seeing that now with our own country.  I fear what that legacy is going to be.  No one wants to see a nuclear conflict.  At the same time, if only one bully is going to be able to use those weapons as a threat, we have to reconsider what we’re doing”

Last month, President Trump said that if he were President he would threaten nuclear retaliation against Russia if they threatened to use nuclear weapons against the United States.

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