The majority of Americans would likely find the choice of Obama toilet paper to be humorous. The American flag floor mats however (see image below), are far from funny… 

Vladimir Putin fans now have the perfect place to toast to the Russian leader thanks to a newly opened cafe dedicated solely to the action man president.Welcome to the incredibly patriotic President Cafe in eastern Siberia, located around 4,000 km (2,500 miles) from Moscow, where Putin’s face covers the walls and Barack Obama’s smiling face is on the toilet paper.

obama toilet paper

Graffiti-daubed pictures of Obama, as well as David Cameron and his German counterpart Angela Merkel, also greet visitors to the toilet – with floor mats featuring US flag adding to the anti-Western vibe.

putin cafe mirror wall

Visitors can also pose for photos with a life-size picture of the Russian leader at the bar which opened last month in the working-class city of Krasnoyarsk, Reuters reports.

pic Putin

So what inspired him to open the Putin cafe?

“When we got together with partners to open a new cafe, we thought of a concept that would attract customers and guarantee its success,” he said.

“And it then dawned on us: Russia still had no cafe or restaurant fully dedicated to Putin, Russia’s most popular politician! This is how our concept appeared. Then we worked on the design.”

He added: “People react the way they consider appropriate, and we give them this opportunity…But, in general, we see this as entertainment.” Via: Telegraph

putin bathroom mats



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