Today’s congressional Democrats do not believe in the right to vote. They do not believe in democracy and they are championing efforts to take away the right to vote from American citizens.

It’s no wonder Democrats despise Ted Cruz. He calls them out for the hypocrites that they are and backs up his statements with truth and facts; kryptonite to the left.

Senator Cruz cites the inflammatory rhetoric being spewed by the likes of Chuck Schumer and other leading Democrats, where they falsely label Republicans’ efforts for free and fair elections as Jim Crow 2.0.

“Ironically and inadvertently, there’s some truth to what they’re saying,” Mr. Cruz said before going on to explain that there is current legislation pending before congress that would indeed be Jim Crow 2.0.

Unfortunately for the truth adverse Dems, Cruz does not share their fact-free affliction and makes the case that it is current DEMOCRAT legislation that is comparable to the Jim Crow laws of the past, and in fact, those racist laws too, were written by Democrats.

Mr. Cruz provides a short history lesson for those crippled with a public school version of history, explaining what Jim Crow 1.0 laws were:

“Jim Crow 1.0 were a series of racist laws, that were written by Democrats, that were enforced by Democrats, whose purpose was to prevent the voters from ever voting Democrats out of power.”

Jim Crow was offensive, it was racist it was bigoted, it was wrong. It was the Democrat party that wrote, enforced, and implemented it”


Pending Democrat legislation S1, laughably labeled “For The People Act”, is more accurately being referred to as “The Corrupt Politicians’ act” according to Mr. Cruz. He says the only objective of “The Corrupt Politicians’ Act” is “to keep Democrats in power for the next hundred years.”

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