He was responsible for the murder, rapes, tortures, and dismembering of an untold number of people. Now, the little drug lord, whose nickname “El Chapo,” which means “shorty,” will finally be made to pay for his crimes. Following his sentencing yesterday, Senator Ted Cruz is again, renewing his call for the $14 billion in drug profits and other assets seized by U.S. law enforcement officers to be used to fund the construction of the wall on our southern border.

According to the AP– Mexico’s most notorious drug lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, was convicted Tuesday of running an industrial-scale smuggling operation after a three-month trial packed with Hollywood-style tales of grisly killings, political payoffs, cocaine hidden in jalapeno cans, jewel-encrusted guns and a naked escape with his mistress through a tunnel.

Guzman listened to a drumbeat of guilty verdicts on drug and conspiracy charges that could put the 61-year-old escape artist behind bars for decades in a maximum-security U.S. prison selected to thwart another one of the breakouts that made him a folk hero in his native country.

In a tweet, Senator Ted Cruz renewed his call for the $14 billion in drug profits and other assets from the drug lord to be used for funding for the border wall.

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This isn’t the first time Senator Cruz (R-TX) addressed the idea of the Mexican drug lord paying for the wall. On April 26, 2017, Cruz appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show to explain why he thinks his idea will work.

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After his verdict yesterday, tough guy, El Chapo was caught on camera, crying.

The New York Post reports –

Murderous Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman appeared scared and teary after arriving in New York under ultra-heavy federal guard in January 2017 to face charges, according to a video released by the feds Tuesday.

Biting his lip, his eyes red as he appeared to continually fight back tears, the small-fry cartel killer — who was convicted in Brooklyn court Tuesday and now faces life in prison — was a far cry from the picture painted of him by US authorities as the ruthless head of the world’s largest illicit-drug network.

He blankly stared out the window of the plane on the tarmac, looking dazed and terrified, showed the footage, which was obtained by WPIX-11.

Breitbart News reported on some of the brutal activity by the notorious drug lord, which includes the assasination of a Catholic Cardinal in a case of mistaken identity at an airport in Mexico:

Boca Del Rio Massacre– On September 20, 2011, gunmen from Los Matazetas working at the time under orders of the Sinaloa Cartel dumped the tortured bodies of 35 men and women along a city highway in Boca Del Rio, Veracruz. The bodies were left behind along with a narco banner where the Sinaloa Cartel forces took credit for the murder and threatened Los Zetas.

Nuevo Laredo Massacre 1 — On April 17, 2012, El Chapo’s forces aided by the Gulf Cartel moved into the border city and Zeta stronghold of Nuevo Laredo in an attempt to take control of the border area and left the dismembered bodies of 14 men inside trash bags that had been left inside a minivan outside of Nuevo Laredo City Hall along with a narco-banner signed by El Chapo and addressed to Los Zetas. Despite the clear cartel link to the murder, Tamaulipas authorities tried to claim that the victims were not related to drug trafficking activity and that there was no war between rival cartels in Nuevo Laredo.

Nuevo Laredo Massacre 2 — On May 4, 2012, Los Zetas hung nine Gulf Cartel members from a bridge, but the Gulf Cartel and the Sinaloa Cartel responded just hours later. The response was the headless bodies of 14 Los Zetas members placed in a vehicle near the mayor’s office. The heads were placed in an ice chest also by the mayor’s office. Along with the gory find, the gunmen left a banner signed by El Chapo where he threatened the Nuevo Laredo Mayor and the local police chief for siding with Los Zetas and trying to ignore his presence.

Cardinal Juan Jesus Posadas Ocampo – On May 24, 1993, Cardinal Posadas, the Archbishop of Guadalajara and high ranking cardinal within the Roman Catholic Church was gunned down at the Guadalajara International Airport. Further investigation later revealed that gunmen with the Arellano Felix cartel had been trying to assassinate Sinaloa’s top leader Joaquin Guzman Loera when they mistook the cardinal’s car for El Chapo and began firing.

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