Where are the Go-Pro cameras witnesses saw terrorists wearing during the attack? Does the evidence below make you question the real motive for the San Bernardino Christmas party terror attack?

I’m calling this “The Ziiggii Theory” because early on contributor Ziiggii was instrumental in showing how the FBI and USMS (US Marshals) were using Stingray Flights in/around the San Bernadino area during the terrorist attack.

Victims of the terror attack reported seeing the shooters with a Go-Pro camera during the shooting/massacre.camera

When questioned by media at a press conference the local LEO spokesperson said “no Go-Pro” camera’s were recovered at the point of final disposition – the shootout at the SUV.

However, the Go-Pro angle is confirmed within this seemingly innocuous article from the LA Times:

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….”Other seemingly more mundane items removed from the home included Christmas lights, an iPhone, a bank receipt, audio cassettes and a notebook with foreign language writing. From a black Lexus parked nearby the agents took shooting targets, a U-Haul receipt, packaging for a Go Pro camera, legal documents and other items.

The weapons invoices came from Cheaper Than Dirt and Budsgunshop.com, but the document left at the home did not say what purchases the invoices were for”….. (link)

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It would be obtuse to think a victim would be mistaken -with such specificity- to note a camera being used during the massacre, and then accept as coincidental packaging for such a camera was found in the terrorist’s vehicle at the residence.

So if we accept the witness, and we accept the police statement about the final contents at the SUV shootout, then where’s the camera?

Further – when you consider there is approximately a three hour unaccounted for window between the attack at the Inland Regional Center and the SUV chase that led to the shootout, there’s more than a strong possibility Syed and Tashfeen went somewhere – possibly met with a co-conspirator [terror cell member(s)] for a debrief and/or hand off of the camera footage.

Question: Was footage of a Christmas party massacre part of the “motive”?

The first arriving officer stated the venue was surreal in part because it was decorated for Christmas with a Christmas Tree, Christmas Decorations and festive holiday adornments.

Was this an intended backdrop scene for propaganda purposes? All part of the visual for carnage ? ISIS (writ large) has shown a great propensity for using media to promote their terror campaign.

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Also, when you take the action of the FBI into consideration, and you accept the FBI is not a bunch of bumbling idiots – ie. everything is done for a purpose, then why would the FBI even publicly state they have retrieved Syed and Tashfeen’s cell phones? Let alone allow the media to enter the home of the terrorists and begin broadcasting the contents therein.

My hunch, knowing the tracking that Ziiggii has put into the Stingray Flights, is that the FBI is trying to spur other members into visible “concern chatter” in an effort to identify who they are, and where they are.


When you compare FBI press conferences, and the information they are releasing, with DHS FBI/USMS Stingray Flights (aircraft) you find specific geographic areas being a focus of attention.

This has been going on for several days. Here’s another example from today’s presser:


Simultaneous to the media broadcasting the contents of the townhouse, and simultaneous with the press conference highlighting the FBI was in possession of their “crushed cell phones”, yet able to “recover data” we see stingray flights TODAY over/near the Mosque where Syed Farook and Tashfeen Farook were reportedly to be in attendance.

SUMMARY: ♦ The FBI found Go-Pro camera packaging. ♦ Shooting witnesses say terrorist were using Go-Pro. ♦ Yet no camera(s) found at scene of final disposition (SUV shootout).

So where did the camera(s) go? Did they deliver to someone?

What were Syed/Tashfeen doing in the three hours between the initial attack at IRC and the SUV shootout?

A reasonable assumption would be Syed and Tashfeen met with some other member(s) of their “group”, gave them footage (cameras) then debriefed and took off. Mission accomplished!

They would be armed, prepped and ready for any further opportune encounters, but the essential element of their jihad mission complete.

Footage of a CHRISTmas massacre would be ideological gold for ISIS propaganda this time of year. These are modern terrorists striking fear into the heart of the infidels at their most holy of times, Christmas.  For entire story: Conservative Treehouse

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