Dr. Michael Vickers and his wife have been through hell with illegals trespassing on their property every day. They’ve even discovered dead bodies on their property. Can you imagine? Dr. Vickers and other Texans took the problem of the border into their own hands by forming Texas Border Volunteers:  


 The Texas Border Volunteers Facebook Page

The thought of a border wall is bringing some peace of mind to one Brooks County rancher. It could help make his property more secure.

Dr. Michael Vickers said he appreciates the president’s work to provide security. He said he never knows when a person crossing illegally on his property is dangerous.

For more than 30 years, Vickers has owned the 12 Oak Ranch. He said people crossing into the country illegally create crawl holes underneath his electrified fence and use paths on his property to walk toward their destination.

He said the traffic has been heavy at times. Sometimes, he’s seen hundreds a day.

“We’re very vigilant and we realize that a lot of the people coming through are gang members, criminals, and with that we’ve got dogs to alert us here on the ranch. My wife in particular depends on the dogs, especially when I’m not here,” he said.


Vickers said he’s seen a number of those who didn’t make it all the way.

“We’ve had dead bodies show up from time to time, it’s pretty disturbing. But it’s something we’ve learned to live with,” he said.

Vickers regularly patrols his own ranch for illegal activity. When he sees it, he reports it to Border Patrol. The thought of possibly not have to do that anymore makes him feel at ease.

“It is kind of a euphoric feeling that most of us have never had before. We’re optimistic,” he said.

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