A caravan of 11,000 illegal aliens is headed to the Mexico-US border and it is expected to grow to 15,000 once it arrives at the border. This will be the largest group of foreigners to illegally cross into the United States at once in the history of the United States.

In a Fox News interview in Rio Grande Valley, Texas, a Department of Public Safety (DPS) Agent, Lt. Chris Olivarez, shared how they’re dealing with the record surge of immigrants. The agent made it clear that nothing has been done by the Biden regime to address the ongoing border crisis.

The DPS Agent also stresses how important it is for members of the Federal government to actually come to the border and talk to those who live in the communities and work at the border to see how their lives are being impacted by the record-breaking surge of immigrants.

Lt. Chris Olivarez

“There hasn’t been any progress made. We’re 15 months into this crisis, nothing has been done,” said Olivarez. “It’s very important that [the Federal government] visit the border and actually talk to border agents, talk to local officials, and hear firsthand what’s taking place.”

Olivarez added that the border crisis is “not only affecting law enforcement and the agents in the field but also the people that live in these communities.”

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Later in the interview, Olivarez addresses what he believes to be the main issue right now regarding the government’s handling of the border crisis.

“The main issue is actually not just talking about, you know, doing something about the root cause, it’s actually taking action – we’re 15 months in, nothing has been done,” said Olivarez. “It’s been the complete opposite – it’s actually gotten much worse since last fiscal year.”

“They need to divert some of those resources to the border,” concluded Olivarez.

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