The American Farm Bureau and the Department of Labor Statistics have calculated that this will be the most expensive 4th of July yet

As of the end of May, inflation is at a staggering 8.6%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index. As always, this inflation hurts working Americans the hardest, and the Biden Administration is doing nothing to ease the struggle except telling families to “stand firm” for the “Liberal World Order.”

Meanwhile, for the holiday weekend, the American Farm Bureau has calculated that the average cost of a 10-person 4th of July cookout has increased 17% from last year, with prices estimated at an average of nearly $70. Below you can see a list of price increases for some favorite cookout items, as well as the increased cost of travel for this July 4th:

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Gas is up by over $2.00/gallon, while essentials like beef and chicken are up by over 30% each from last year.

According to the BLS’s Consumer Price Index, gas was up nearly 50% from last year at the end of May, while total energy cost increases exceeded 50%. Additionally, food costs are up 10%. However, staple goods such as eggs, milk, and meat have increased by more than 10%. Eggs alone are up by over 30%.

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This means that this will be the most expensive 4th of July on record for many, especially those who have to travel. Whether by car or by plane, travel is exceptionally expensive at the moment.

Meanwhile, real wages are down by 3%–meaning that we are approaching what economists call “stagflation,” a type of rapid inflation accompanied by a recession. For reference, the world last saw stagflation during the oil shocks of the early 1970s.

While prices skyrocket and the economy tumbles, Joe Biden and the rest of the liberal elite live comfortably and tell us to hold on and that it will last “as long as it needs to.”

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