Vladimir Putin…the anti-Obama…

Fans of the maverick Russian president can now gaze upon him every day for the bargain price of just 78 Roubles (72p)…by buying his bizarre and wonderful 2016 calendar.

holiday greetings putin

The momentous tribute to the iron-fisted leader features him in a typically outlandish range of poses, from fishing topless to cuddling a fluffy puppy.

putin fishing

Each page portrays the legendary president’s tough and sensitive sides, with him boasting about the prowess of the Russian military one month and professing his love of dogs the next.

Putin puppy

And it seems that Russians simply cannot get enough of their leader with the glossy calendar selling out in Moscow.

putin flower

But it is unlikely to adorn the walls of many Islamic State (ISIS) hideouts, with the hard man supremo’s bombing blitz in Syria contributing to the terrorist group’s accelerating collapse.

putin dance

Mr Putin seemingly alludes to the current military operations against ISIS, with some critics saying he has outflanked and out-thought Western leaders.

The October entry features the stern Russian president wearing a military cap and striped shirt alongside a slogan proclaiming his country’s military might.

putin not a p#ssy

It states: “No one will succeed in gaining military superiority over Russia. Our army is contemporary, capable, and as they now say, polite, but formidable.”

Via: Express UK

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