Hey Nancy, where’s your mask?

Nancy Pelosi is getting hammered on Twitter after Alexander Soros posted a photo from last weekend of Pelosi with his father, George Soros.

Questions like, “How big was the check you handed her?” were asked because everyone knows Soros has been buying everyone off to fulfill his agenda of “fundamentally transforming” America (see below)

Another comment questioned her promise to focus on the middle class in America: “SpeakerPelosi, how meeting infamous billionaire is your ‘focused on strengthening America’s middle class and creating jobs’!?”

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Most of the comments on Twitter refer to the “evil” George Soros:

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“Evil corruption personified.”

“This should scare the life out of Americans!”

“The amount of evil in this picture is sickening”

“What a wonderful picture of 2 of the evilest villains our Amazing Country has produced in which they are actively working night & day to destroy! Just glorious.”

Billionaire Soros is known for his attempt to change America’s legal system and so many other things by funding far-left radical political candidates.

Americans shouldn’t forget the dark forces working in the shadows. In January 2018, at Davos, George Soros warned that Trump is a “danger to the world.”

“I consider the Trump administration a danger to the world. But I regard it as a purely temporary phenomenon that will disappear in 2020, or even sooner.”

“I give President Trump credit for motivating his core supporters brilliantly. But for every core supporter, he has created a greater number of core opponents who are equally strongly motivated. That’s why I expected a Democratic landslide in 2018.”


It’s no secret that Soros has spent a fortune to try and fundamentally transform America and other places in the world. He spent a record amount of $16.2 million on lobbying in Trump’s first year.

America is under attack by at least 187 organizations that George Soros is fully or partially funding.

Some of the names on this list of organizations Soros is tied to will shock you…abortion groups, open borders, immigrant groups,  groups to change the way we vote, universal health care, climate change, “Catholics,” Socialists, and Communists. Soros has a group whose stated goal is to take money from rich Jews and give it to those with less. Considering a video recently surfaced that shows George Soros (a Jew) admitting he helped confiscate property from fellow Jews during WWII, the idea that Soros is funding such a group is not so stunning.

Go HERE for a complete list of groups who are using Trump’s election as an excuse to take down America.

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