Last night, while attending President Trump’s rally in Nashville, TN, political pundit, and comedian, Joe Dan Gorman brilliantly trolled #VeryFakeNewsCNN’s  Jim Acosta.

This morning, Acosta tweeted an image from the rally, where he showed himself shaking the hand of a Trump supporter wearing a You Are Fake News t-shirt.

During Jim Acosta’s interview with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, Acosta admitted he had a difficult time finding any Trump fans at Trump’s Nashville rally who were rude to him. Out of thousands of Trump supporters at the rally, Acosta and his camera crew were able to find ONE MAN who held a sign that read “scumbag”, as he yelled “scumbag” at Jim Acosta. This was apparently, the only example Acosta could find of anyone at the entire rally who was acting out. Acosta then pointed to his meeting with the nice gentleman wearing the “You Are Fake News” t-shirt at the rally. Acosta attempted to say that most of the people at the rally were actually nice and that he, “wonders if Trump supporters will run out of anger before Trump does?” He used Joe Dan Gorman as an example of someone who is probably sick of the President’s “divisiveness”. CNN host Brooke Baldwin then pointed out that Trump supporters “aren’t really that much different” than the CNN hosts.


What he didn’t know, is that Joe Dan Gorman was trolling him. Here’s the picture he posted on his Facebook page today:

Joe Dan Gorman’s the mastermind behind the amazing pro-Trump, conservative “Intellectual Froglegs” videos. He made this video today after he “artfully” trolled Jim Acosta at the rally last night.


If you don’t already follow Joe Dan Gorman on Intellectual Froglegs Facebook page and website, you should. Here is his most recent political video where he talks about Trump, the media and his recent ban from YouTube… it is guaranteed to make you laugh!

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