In the incredible video below, Charlie Kirk lists all of the accomplishments of President Trump in his first term.

The list goes on and on, but what stands out the most is President Trump’s love for America and his desire to honestly try and “Make America Great Again.”  He puts America first and is the antithesis of everything the left represents.

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-Put Gorsuch and Cavanaugh on the Supreme Court

-200 Circuit Court judges

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-Renegotiated NAFTA

-Got us out of the WTO

-Told the WHO to go pound sand

-Told the UN to go pound sand

-Renegotiated NATO altogether

-Got us out of the JCPOA (Iranian Nuclear Agreement)

-Moved the embassy to Jerusalem

-Recognized the Golan Heights

-Deregulated the American economy

-Made us energy independent

-Building the wall

One more very important thing that sets President Trump apart:

AMERICA FIRST or NOT? There is a choice in November…

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