I suppose we must try to find a silver lining whenever possible.  As described in our post yesterday, found here, even Ilhan Ohmar called out the doxxing antics by those who are opposed to the Freedom Movement.  She is not the only liberal to do so.  Apparently we have finally found an issue upon which conservatives and some liberals may be able to agree (and rightfully so!).  ALL Americans should be very upset by this use of hacked information pertaining to the Freedom Movement donors.  Social commentary does, thankfully, continue:

One tweet that really struck home about this though was from Clay Travis:

I know I may be painting too sunny of a picture of agreement here. I’m sure there are still some liberals out there who remain gleeful about this donor doxing situation.   I would truly enjoy (though would not expect) a full answer from such persons as to this question:  Why is this dissemination of donor information any different than any other type of hateful discrimination? And, yes, I would also ask them to explain the utter hypocrisy of the left, as pointed out so well by Clay Travis. Clay Travis is correct… Twitter does, in fact, have MUCH explaining to do.

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