The Drudge Report has long been a go-to publication for news highlights on the latest around the world. Matt Drudge was a favorite of conservatives with his bold headlines at the top of the website that became a symbol of truth in a world filled with biased media choices.

Something happened to the publication that made mega-bucks with just headlines and one bold title at the top. Questions arose about whether Drudge was purchased by a leftist news source because the report suddenly began leaning anti-Trump. There was no big announcement of a change of ownership, and the news source just kept bashing President Trump.

Finally, President Trump called out the Drudge Report for bias:

Matt Drudge responded to Trump’s tweet in an email to none other than CNN…That’s a red flag for sure!

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Mark Levin even called out Matt Drudge with a link to the CNN article about his email: “Bedfellows.  CNN & Drudge.  Not surprised.”

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CNN reported: In a rare statement, Matt Drudge, the prominent conservative news mogul, refuted President Trump’s Saturday claim that traffic to his website has plummeted as its coverage has grown more critical of him.

“The past 30 days has been the most eyeballs in Drudge Report’s 26 year-history,” Drudge said in an email to CNN. “Heartbreaking that it has been under such tragic circumstances.”

The truth is that more “eyeballs” may be on Drudge but conservatives have been dropping Drudge because they’ve seen the move to the left. How can anyone trust a publication that was once conservative-leaning and is now anti-Trump and more leftist?

President Trump may be correct in his assessment that readers of Drudge are “dropping like flies” but those “flies” are conservative. Isn’t it possible that Drudge is drawing a larger left-leaning audience and that would account for many of those readers?

A new source for news that is conservative AND pro-Trump is called PRO-TRUMP NEWS. It’s got the same format as Drudge without the anti-Trump, anti-conservative news. We recommend it as an alternative.

Today’s headline on Pro-Trump News:

Do you still read Drudge, or have you bailed like so many other conservatives? We’d like to know!


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