If there ever was a candidate for Trump Derangement Syndrome therapy, it would be The Ellen Show’s executive producer, Andy Lassner. It’s actually amazing that he even has time to do his job, considering how much time he spends spewing hatred for President Trump and anyone associated with him on social media.  For the past couple of years, Lassner has spent an inordinate amount of time on Twitter saying horrible things about President Trump, his wife, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders and pretty much anyone who supports him. No one in the media, however, seems to care that the man behind the Ellen Show, where the star of the show, Ellen Degeneres, has made a fortune showcasing her humor and compassion for others, is a mean-spirited bully.

Even though he claims his views do not reflect Ellen’s, is this really the kind of person bully Ellen wants producing her show?

In 2012, Ellen Degeneres’ producer Andy Lassner tweeted a picture of himself with his two children with a message telling his followers that this was his last tweet before his wife confiscates his phone and/or stabs him.


Unfortunately, his wife didn’t take his phone and considering the man who produces the Ellen Show is still spewing vile, and hate-filled tweets towards half of America, she didn’t stab him either. For the past two years, Lassner has gone out of his way to bully and mock anyone who doesn’t agree with his political views on Twitter.

Lassner’s nasty tweets aren’t just limited to President Trump and his policies, he tweets about his properties, like Mar-a-Lago that Lassner refers to as “Mar-a-shithole”:


Lassner also enjoys attacking Melania Trump, making an unfounded accusation of plagiarism against the First Lady.

In this tweet, Lassner suggests Melania should check in for “another procedure” to get away from her husband. You know what’s not funny Andy?…making a joke about someone who was just released from the hospital.


Lassner took time out of his busy schedule to bully the White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, as he felt it was his obligation to show her a disgusting tweet from the left-wing rag, “The Daily Beast” where they compare her father, Mike Huckabee’s sense of humor to that of a “serial killer”:

Without any justification, other than the crime of aligning herself with our President, Lassner calls conservative Tomi Lahren, “#BigotBarbie”


Today, Lassner took to Twitter to rile up his fan base of Trump haters, when ironically, he accused Trump of trying to “rile up his followers”. In his tweet, Lassner mocks Trump’s followers as “a bunch of nameless/faceless people with MAGA and PATRIOT hashtags in their bios” who aren’t going to do a “f*cking thing”:


Actor James Woods, responded to Lassner’s attack on Trump and his supporters by reminding him of what the Trump supporters he despises did to Hillary in the 2016 election: We put your old, drunken hag back on the sidewalk where she belongs instead of in the White House where in fact President Trump is at this very moment.


James Woods is no stranger to defending President Trump or his supporters on Twitter. It takes courage for a Hollywood actor to stand by his convictions. It takes even more courage to call out the executive producer of The Ellen Show and to put the bully in his place.

Hate and hateful rhetoric will not change who America elected as their President in 2016. It will, however, likely be one of the primary reasons Donald J. Trump will be reelected in 2020.


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