The state of California will press forward with a digital ID pilot program via mobile driver’s licenses.

California’s DMV Mobile Driver License (MDL) pilot program currently includes over 2,000 participants who are using the service and providing feedback.

However, don’t expect the program to end with 2,000 Californians.

The California DMV expects to expand the program to a “broader public rollout.”

It’s no secret governments around the world want every human to have a unique, identifiable digital ID.


Digital ID is an aspect of the digital totalitarian slave-state the global elites desire for humanity.

They’ll say digital ID is for your convenience.

You can store your ID on a smartphone or in your digital wallet.

It won’t stop with mobile driver’s licenses.

Governments and corporations will attempt to include passports, medical cards, and other pieces of information on your digital ID.

In the United States, mobile driver’s licenses appears to be a trojan horse to institute digital ID.

COVID-19 passports were an obvious initial attempt to build the digital ID infrastructure.

However, convincing the masses to comply with mobile driver’s licenses will likely be an easier task.

According to NBC Los Angeles, “Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Hawaii, Ohio, Utah, and Maryland” have rolled out digital cards.

“The mobile driver’s license will be available in a DMV Wallet on your smartphone as an easy, secure, and convenient companion identification to your physical card,” said Anita Gore, Deputy Director of Public Affairs Office of DMV Media Relations.

NBC Los Angeles noted how mobile driver’s licenses will sync into other applications for users:

TSA is one of the agencies collaborating with various DMV’s across the country to provide passengers a faster and easier way to travel.

“As TSA continues to integrate new technologies for a faster, easier travel experience, we’ve collaborated on several innovative digital identity initiatives, which work in place of a physical ID or boarding pass,” stated the official TSA website.

The California MDL is only being accepted at selected international airports, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, and 26 other airports in the country.

According to the DMV, selected businesses that use TruAge identification to verify their customers’ ages are also able to use the MDL.

“Because not everyone accepts an MDL yet, customers must also carry their physical card. The DMV continues to work with interested groups to encourage acceptance of the MDL,” Gore said.

The DMV also said that the MDL will only share necessary and selective information to allow additional privacy protections for Californians.

Convenience and privacy protection are the selling points for digital ID.


However, government and corporate surveillance is the endgame.

That’s what most people don’t understand.


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