On the show, Sunday Morning Futures, a far left activist ranted on about how the wor “terror” should be banned because it may offend muslims.

Richard Fowler: “Here’s what DeBlasio tried to do yesterday, right? Yes, it was an intentional act. Yes, it was an act of terror. The problem is when you say the word ‘terror’ because of word association it automatically assumes you are talking about people of the Muslim faith. And that is why he said an intentional act and not terrorism because we don’t know if it was Muslim. None of these organizations have taken credit for it. So before we go out and start to blame and shame a whole religion we ought to be very careful and get all the facts first.”

Well, Mr. Fowler, that is the most ridiculous thing ever spewed from a leftists mouth. There have been over 29,236 ISLAMIC TERRORIST attacks since 9/11. Maybe muslims wouldn’t need to be offended by the word “terror” of they simply stopped committing acts of terror! As an American, anyone that is a citizen has the freedom of speech, so to dictate that any word we use that is in fact the correct word to describe attacks such as the Manhattan bombing, the New Jersey Bombing, and even the Minnesota Mall attack, is well within our rights as said American citizens.

If anyone, muslim or otherwise, doesn’t like that word they are free to not use it, but no one is free to strip the right to use it from everyone else.

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H/T [ Gateway Pundit ]

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