Trevor Phillips has seen the light and has changed his mind about the existence of “Islamophobia” and the Muslim agenda in Britain.

In 1997, he saw ‘Islamophobia’ as the major threat to the integration of Muslims. Today Trevor Phillips has changed his mind and made the documentary ‘What British Muslims Really Think’.

Twenty years ago, Trevor Phillips was head of the think tank “Runnymede Trust” and published the report “Islamophobia a challenge for us all,” which according to many, was the basis for the huge spread of the concept of ‘Islamophobia’, which in its modern sense, has begun to include all forms of criticism of Islam. Nowadays, the former Labour politician and former head of the Equality and Human Right Commission, has changed his mind.

In the recent documentary “What British Muslims Really Think,” which was broadcasted on the British Channel4, on April 13, Phillips analyses the results of what he said in an article in the Times, before the documentary was aired, was “the most detailed and comprehensive survey of British Muslims’ opinions so far”.

The documentary deals with how Muslims in Britain relate to, including non-Muslims, women, homosexuality, polygamy and sharia. The survey shows that 23 percent of Britain’s more than 3 million Muslims would favor the introduction of sharia law, and that over half of them want to ban homosexuality. Also it shows that at least 100,000 Muslims in Britain show sympathy with violent jihad and terrorism.

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