The National School Board Association (NSBA) has released a statement apologizing for its part in labeling parents at school board protests “domestic terrorists” who should be investigated by the FBI. The full statement below apologizes for “some of the language included in the letter.” This is a self-inflicted wound that the NSBA could have avoided. It’s notable that they appear to be distancing themselves from the Biden regime and Merrick Garland. This comes after the NSBA coordinated with the White House on the letter calling parents “domestic terrorists.”

This is a start, but parents need to keep holding their feet to the fire.

LETTER FROM NSBA: As you all know, there has been extensive media and other attention recently around our letter to President Biden regarding threats and acts of violence against school board members. We wanted to write to you directly to address the matter.

On behalf of NSBA, we regret and apologize for the letter. To be clear, the safety of school board members, other public school officials and educators, and students is our top priority, and there remains important work to be done on this issue. However, there was no justification for some of the language included in the letter. We should have had a better process in place to allow for consultation on communication of this significance. We apologize also for the strain and stress this situation has caused you and your organizations.

As we’ve reiterated since the letter was sent, we deeply value not only the work of local school boards that make important contributions within our communities, but also the voices of parents, who should and must continue to be heard when it comes to decisions about their children’s education, health, and safety.

We are going to do better going forward. We are engaged in a formal review of our processes and procedures. We will announce specific improvements soon to ensure there is improved coordination and consultation among our staff, our board, and our members across the country. The review will include not only the proceedings leading to the letter, but also other related concerns raised by members even before the letter was sent.

We will have more to share with you soon as our review continues. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you.

A FOIA request exposed the coordination between the NSBA and the White House on a letter calling parents “domestic terrorists”:

This comes one day after explosive testimony by Attorney General Merrick Garland:

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Rep. Jim Jordan ripped into Attorney General Merrick Garland during a House Judiciary Committee hearing

He called Garland out on the National School Board Association’s directive inferring that parents are “domestic terrorists” and then Garland’s memo calling on the FBI to investigate.

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Jordan: “Did you discuss it with the White House”

Garland: “I did not… The WH is perfectly appropriately concerned about violence.”

Jordan: Did you or anyone at DOJ help the NSBA write the letter. Garland: I did not and I don’t know.

Jordan: “Will FBI agents be attending local school board meetings?”

Garland: No.

Jordan: You said you’re not treating parents as domestic terrorists but the DOJ press release accompanying your memo says the national security division will be targeting school board meetings.

Stephen Miller called Garland’s comments “disturbing”:


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