In a piece published, today, in the New York Times seems to gently attack the mass censorship in China. Yet, just days ago, they called for a Reality Czar in America to create truth and dole it out to the masses like Tylenol.

With modern Democrats in power, can the Western mind survive the pervasive, unending, and controlling doublespeak and chaos it creates in their minds?

Every day we write about one hypocrisy after the next, each more audacious than the last.  Today, the New York Times–which should be most famous for being sympathetic to both Communism and Fascism and denying the Nazi Holocaust and the devastations of Communist Russia which even Snopes agrees with–is softly lamenting the lack of free speech China. But that isn’t the whole story.

A chat program called Clubhouse was made available in China that allowed diligent users to be able to freely speak with people outside of China.  Users have mind expanding conversations with people that give them a glimpse into a more complete reality. This may seem normal to Western readers, but Quasi-Communist China does not permit free speech.  In fact, it is severely punishable.  Citizens often find themselves isolated in reeducation camps, tortured for on-demand spare parts while they are still alive, or simply ‘disappeared’ never to be seen again.  This can all happen for simply saying something that goes against the government’s self-imposed version of the truth.  Does this fate await users of Clubhouse?

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The New York Times Reports:

“Clubhouse is exactly what Chinese censors don’t want to see in online communication — a massive, freewheeling conversation in which people are talking openly,” said Xiao Qiang, founder of China Digital Times, a website that tracks Chinese internet controls. “It’s also a reminder that when there is an opportunity, many Chinese have a desperate need to talk to each other and to hear different view points.”

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However, it wasn’t until Elon Musk made an appearance on the platform that it, apparetly, really took off:

“It was not until Elon Musk, a tech billionaire who enjoys a cult following in China, made an appearance on the app last month that Chinese interest began to surge. Some in China’s tech circles have already pledged to launch similar online conversation platforms.”

And, as with any authoritarian state, the crackdown and disinformation campaigns have already begun to destroy objective truth sharing, making users anxious, fearful, and unsure.  The soaring popularity of Clubhouse caused a lot of nationalist CCP governmental criticism. State media dispatched propaganda expressing displeasure with the app.  The CCP also began flooding the app with government operatives meant to create distrust and fear on the platform and push only positive messages about China:

“Most of our mainland compatriots will not use the app in the end,” Ren Yi, a Harvard-educated Chinese blogger who goes by the pen name “Chairman Rabbit,” wrote on Weibo on Saturday. “With the concentrated and explosive growth of overseas high-level Chinese users in the future, the content and trends will become more and more one-sided.”
But, still, when you are only given one opportunity perhaps for years, many people took it.  One of those women was a Uighur, a group that is rumored to have at least 3 million of its people held captive in camps and used for slave labor and forced on-demand live organ donations:
“…for Vinira Abdgheni, the Uighur woman who spoke up about her relatives being interned, the app was far from one-sided. If anything, she said, it was a relief to have an opportunity to confront fellow Chinese who may still have been harboring doubts about the abuses back in her home region of Xinjiang.
“I’ve tried so many channels to vent my frustrations,” Ms. Abdgheni said in a telephone interview from Tokyo, where she now lives. “So I thought while I had this opportunity to speak, I better do it because I’ve never wanted to be a silent person.”

Wow, this sounds like reasonable Western journalism depicting the strife of people who have no free speech.

But here is the whole story:

This is the same publication whose progressive editor left because it was too bias even for her.  Then, just days ago, the paper carelessly called for Reality Czars to preside over authoritarian ministries of truth.  The New York Times wrote this about censoring libertarian and conservative voices in America:

“Appoint a ‘reality czar.’

Several experts I spoke with recommended that the Biden administration put together a cross-agency task force to tackle disinformation and domestic extremism, which would be led by something like a “reality czar.”

The experts that the New York Times trusts are clearly not experts on free speech or Western values and constitutional law.  It is like they went out of their way to find the most unscrupulous peddlers of authoritarianism in America and called them ‘experts.’

This would be in line with a paper whose history has been covering up and sympathizing with despots in Germany and Russia.

With so much disinformation and the constant barrage of duplicitous doublespeak, you need to absolutely know who you are and what you believe. Otherwise, you will fall pray to intellectual and spiritual predators, like those at the New York Times who have a long history of covering up mass atrocities and authoritarianism in the name of progress.

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