A backpack found with 5 explosive devices is the key to connecting the attacks in NYC and New Jersey.

The  New Jersey train station where the backpack was found is used to go to NYC and back to New Jersey. Even though the New Jersey bomb was a pipe bomb, the attacks are said to be connected. The registration of the cell phone will be a key aspect in this investigation as well. 

In this day and age, everyone is recorded so it’s no surprise that Ahmad Kahn (pictured below) was videotaped putting a bomb next to a dumpster in Chelsea District.



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FBI agents surrounded a house in Elizabeth, New Jersey early Monday after a backpack was discovered the previous night with five possible explosive devices in the same town.

Earlier Monday, just after midnight, an explosive device detonated during a police attempt to disarm it after a bomb squad was called in, in the third New York City area incident involving what appear to be improvised bombs.

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A call came into Elizabeth authorities at 8:47 p.m. after two men found a suspicious backpack in a garbage can, mayor Chris Bollwage said in a press conference. The men took it around the corner thinking there was something of value in it, but notified police when they saw wires and a pipe inside the bag. Police immediately brought in the bomb squad.

Authorities recovered five devices in the backpack, one of which exploded during an attempt to disarm it using a robot.

“There was a suspicious package with multiple improvised explosive devices this evening at the Elizabeth Train Station in NJ. Bomb techs from the FBI, Union County, and the New Jersey State Police have arrived on the scene and are now rendering the area safe,” the FBI said in a statement. “In the course of rendering one of the devices safe, it detonated. There are no injuries & law enforcement personnel are at the scene processing evidence.” Read more: ABC

Elizabeth, New Jersey, police are searching an apartment in the city for potential leads following an explosion at a transit train station, Mayor Chris Bollwage says.
The explosion in Elizabeth occurred hours after similar explosives detonated in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan and Seaside Park, NJ.

News 12 NJ‘s Tony Caputo appeared live on the scene of a police probe on the corners of Elmora and Linden Avenues in Elizabeth, at walking distance from the train station, on the network Monday morning. Caputo identified the building being investigated as a First American Fried Chicken restaurant, with apartments on its second floor, and noted the television station stumbled upon the investigation on the way to the train station.

Mayor Bollwage later confirmed to Caputo that the Elizabeth investigation is linked to the other bombings in Seaside Park and Manhattan. Bollwage noted that the five explosives found in Elizabeth “did not have any electronic device or timer – that is the only difference between the construction” of the Elizabeth and Manhattan devices. Read more: Breitbart

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