We recently reported on a ‘Teacher Mafia’ hitlist that has been created in the radical far-left Loudoun County, Virginia.

The teachers in Loudoun formed a secret group to shame and destroy anyone who disagrees with racist teachings of Critical Race Theory.

Now, new video has emerged of a corrupt teacher trying to shame, belittle, and force a student into being racist even though he is clearly not racist.  The teacher becomes combative and hot-headed like a child as the student remains calm and resolute, insisting that the race of two people in an image is not important.

A picture of “two people chillin'” that Loudoun County teacher’s think is somehow a dramatic image that must be viewed through a racial lens.

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“It’s just two people chillin'” together, says the student

But the hot-headed racist teacher will have none of it.  He then tries to break and shame the rational student:

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“I don’t think you can look at it that way…I think you are being intentionally coy about what this is a picture of…”

“It is just two people…” says the student lightheartedly, perhaps amused by the teacher’s irrational ideology.

“You act as if there is nothing noticeable about this apart from the fact that there are two people!” cries the racist Critical Race Theory teacher, to which the student replies:

“Wouldn’t that just be feeding into the problem of looking at race instead of just acknowledging them as two normal people.

Not having a leg to stand on, the teacher then stumbles and fumbles his way through a quadruple-negative statement:

“No, it’s not! Because you…you can’t not look at, you can’t, like…you can’t look at the people and not acknowledge that there are racial differences, right.”

Then the student cuts right to the heart of the matter, exposing the teacher for what he is: a racist

“If we are looking for equality within all of this, then why would we need to point out things such as that?”

This draws rage from the teacher, who is clearly a racist and demands that all students be racist as well.  Watch the video, below and realize that this affects the entire Loudoun school distrcit and every school district that teaches critical race theory.  This ideology and behavior is a feature, not a bug, of Critical Race Theory.

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