The Smartest Man In The World – IQ 200 – Is Convinced The U.S. Election Was Stolen.

Chris Langan

Chris Langan is, arguably, the smartest man in the world.  His IQ is remarkably somewhere between 195-210, according to testing.  This is much higher than other popular intellectuals, like Stephen Hawking .  Yet, Chris is also quite shunned or ignored by the establishment.

This is because Chris did not grow up privileged or complete rigid academic schooling required by elites to become part of the leftist intellectual elite.  Instead, he chose a life of blue-collar jobs.  He has actually been a bouncer for many years.  He also believes in some form of God, which he calls the CTMU.  This is a great sin for the left—especially the academic left, who insists that you cover such beliefs in public, like a puritan veil for your mind.  Or–better yet, just not have them at all so the arrogance and government can fill that void for you.

The National Pulse reports that Chris Langan, 68, is also certain that this election was stolen.  Here are just a few of his tweets on the matter:

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He also laments the obvious nature of the election theft, and the possible futility of trying to rectify such a grand theft through legal means:


Mr. Langan also understands that COVID-19 relief packages are all scams:


Finally, He does not claim to merely be a ‘Trump Fan-boy’:


While he does support Trump, it appears to be a reasoned pragmatic support.  He supports humanity’s need for America and freedom, which will die if the Biden/Harris election theft prevails.


We need to be hearing more nuanced and thoughtful voices like Chris and less empty cookie-cutter pundits in the media reading from scripts.


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