Former Fox News host Abbie Huntsman is getting some help from the producers at ‘The View’

Apparently, Huntsman is a “snooze” on the show so far and isn’t meshing with the other co-hosts. Who could possibly mesh with those nasty women?

According to The New York Post, the network knows they made a mistake by not having a chemistry test to see if she works with the other ladies.

Viewers aren’t connecting with Huntsman either. who watches the show anyway?

We were puzzled by the move from Huntsman who was a regular host on Fox News. Now people are taking bets on when she’ll be leaving the show.

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If we could give Huntsman advice, we’d tell her to run for the hills to get away from the toxic atmosphere on ‘The View’. The nastiness from Joy Behar and Whoopi has to be maddening!

An insider at the show had this to say about Huntsman:

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“She’s starting to come alive. They have a talent coach working with her now because she’s not researching well with viewers.’

“She hasn’t even been there half a season, and people are already placing bets that they’re going to oust her.”

Here’s one of many battles Huntsman has had to endure on the show since she arrived in September:

It started out as a normal day on “The View”—Dingbat #1 (Whoopi Goldberg) was missing so Dingbat #2 (Joy Behar) was filling in as the show’s moderator. Behaving as a moderator is usually a relatively easy task for an unhinged liberal like Joy Behar, who sits at the head of a table that is usually filled with 3-4 angry liberal women, and an audience who claps like trained seals everytime they trash President Trump or his family. Today, however, was a different story. When the uninformed liberals began spewing misinformation about President Trump and how he treats Russian President Vladimir Putin, the relatively new co-host, Abby Huntsman, whose father is Jon Huntsman, the former governor of Utah and current Ambassador of the United States to Russia, wasn’t about to sit back and let them spew lies about President Trump.

Dingbat #2, Joy Behar, started out by gloating about how yesterday it was revealed by Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen in a plea deal that Putin was offered a $50 million penthouse at a proposed Trump Tower in Moscow. (Never mind, that Trump never offered Putin a penthouse. The FACTS are, that unnamed people within the Trump organization bantered the idea around of offering a penthouse to Putin, as a way to entice wealthy Russians to purchase a unit in the proposed Trump Tower)

Behar asked, “Could this be why Trump is canceling his meeitng with PUtin at the G20 Summit? He doesn’t like the optics of being seen with Putin?”

Leftist co-host Anna Navara agreed that the cancellation of Trump’s meeting with Putin at the G20 Summit was “all about optics”, citing that he had “alone time” with Putin in Helsinki a couple of months ago.

That’s when the newest member of The View panel, Abby Huntsman, jumped in and stopped the uninformed, angry liberal women in their tracks.

“I think if you look at the substance of the policy under the Trump administration when you’re dealing with Putin in Russia, you could argue that they’ve been tougher than any administration since the Cold War.”

“You can talk about the optics, you can talk about his tweets which I actually hated that he tweeted canceling this meeting because that’s not how you handle diplomacy. But no one ever talks about the actual issues and what’s being done to combat Russia because that’s not the shiny object, no one cares about that,”

“No one gives the president credit for anything that he does right.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin, who is perpetually angry, and frequently leaves her viewers wondering how she gets away with spewing so much misinformation, asks: “Why was the meeting canceled?” co-host Sunny Hostin said, referring to President Trump canceling his scheduled meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Hostin continued with her misinformation campaign, attempting to drag Trump’s children into the fake scandal: “It just strikes me as odd that Michael Cohen, this bombshell gets dropped about not how only Trump was involved with Russia and building this tower, his children were also notified about it and Ivanka is part of that as well,” she said.

“Now he is saying the reason — I’m sorry, the meeting with the spy, and there’s also a building of the Tower in Moscow— but now he’s saying the reason he’s not meeting with Putin is because he’s upset because they haven’t returned the navy sailors to the Ukraine. Um—when was he concerned about the Ukraine?”

That’s when Huntsman lost it:

“Really, Sunny? Really, Sunny?”

“Trump has actually been tougher on Ukraine than President Obama was. The first thing he did with Russia when he got into office, he armed the Ukrainians and put sanctions on Russia as it relates to the Ukraine…if you want to talk about actual diplomacy and things that are happening with Russia, that is a very different thing. I would love for this table — not Meghan included.”

Hostin interrupted: “You really believe he canceled the meeting because he’s so concerned about the Ukraine soldiers?”

Huntsman totally humiliated Hostin by hitting her with facts to refute her non-factual, emotional argument: “I can tell you because I talked to my dad who lives in Moscow and deals with this every single day, they were already figuring this out before he decided to cancel it. They were already making that decision.”

“Really?” Hostin asked.

Huntsman called out Anna Navaro and friends for pushing fake information out to their viewers without any real knowledge about what they’re talking about when it comes to foreign relations with Russia: “What drives me nuts are cable pundits that think they know everything that’s going on behind closed doors on diplomacy and come out on television and give facts that are inaccurate,” Huntsman fired back.

Near the end, the other conservative host, Megan McCain chimed in and let her co-hosts have it, “Don’t tell me this isn’t politically motivated!”

By the end of the segment, both conservative hosts had completely humiliated their emotional, misinformed, co-hosts, simply by using facts.


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