On June 9, Kaitlin Bennett, an independent journalist who was interviewing supporters of Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg at a rally in Iowa for Infowars, was assaulted by two angry male liberals. As Bennett was standing in front of the Infowars camera, a middle-aged man wearing a plaid shirt appeared behind her, sticking up his middle finger. The middle-aged man was accompanied by a younger man wearing a t-shirt that read: “No Body Is Illegal.” The men, who kept approaching Kaitlin, demanded that she remove the microphone from their faces. Fortunately, for Kaitlin, she had a muscular young man, who was part of her crew, that stepped in and moved the two angry liberals away from Bennett and her camera crew.


Two days ago, Bennett was assaulted again by angry liberals, this time, they were two liberal women. When Kaitlin asked one of the women if she’d be willing to take an illegal alien into her home. When Bennett asked one of the women on the curb if she’d be willing to give an illegal alien any money, the pro-illegal alien supporter told her she couldn’t afford to give any money to support an illegal alien. Strange, how that works. Where do these liberals think the money that takes care of illegal aliens comes from? When Bennett pointed out the hypocrisy of her response, given that she’s supporting open borders in America, she became violent and tried to take her microphone away. After Bennett was able to commandeer her microphone from the angry liberal woman, the woman sitting next to her on the curb threw water from her bottle on Bennett. Bennett, who’s used to being attacked and assaulted by liberals simply laughed it off.

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Liberals are so tolerant…

Watch the whole video, as Kaitlin Bennett repeatedly reveals the hypocrisy of liberals who are fighting to allow illegal aliens into America, but want nothing to do with taking care of them once they get here:

Posted by Battle For Freedom 1776 on Friday, 19 July 2019

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