Wow! This is a shocker! It’s almost like the social media giants are trying to make amends to conservatives…especially black conservatives.  Wouldn’t it be great if every political view was given an equal opportunity to be seen and heard from? The labels are what need to be ditched and that’s exactly what black conservative Candace Owens (see video below) is doing. She was targeted and labeled on twitter as “far right” and shot right back that she’s NOT far right but is FREE! Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted to Owens with an apology! This has to be the tweet of the week! Thank you Candace Owens for making this week on social media a joy to behold!

Breitbart News reports:

In a tweet to Owens, Dorsey apologized for an official Twitter moment which labeled her “far right.” Dorsey said his team had “completed a full review of how this was published and why we corrected far too late.”

Candace Owens is currently communications director for Turning Point USA, a grassroots organization that organizes conservative students across the country.

Her videos, which criticize the politics of victimhood on the far left, regularly go viral on the web. She recently attracted praise from rap star Kanye West, who tweeted “I love how Candace Owens thinks.”


This was the first in a string of convention-defying tweets by the rapper, who went on to praise Donald Trump, criticize Barack Obama, and call out fellow celebrities for trying to pressure him into silence. The President subsequently praised Kanye for standing his ground.

After Kanye’s initial tweet praising Owens, Twitter published a “Moment” which called her a “far-right media personality.”

It’s hard to remember the last time Jack Dorsey apologized to a conservative, but he apologized for this.



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