Mike Lindell needs YOUR support!!!

Mike Lindell of MyPillow was intercepted by the FBI at a Hardee’s — and they seized his phone.

BREAKING LIVE VIDEO: FBI Surrounds Mike Lindell At Drive-Thru Window At Hardees In MN…Listen to His Story Here

Mike has been working to get to the bottom of what happened in the 2020 election.

Is that illegal? Or is the justice system being politicized?

One thing is sure: Mike is a fighter.

When this goes to the next stage, Mike will fight — but he will also need all the help he can get.

To help, if you need new mattresses or pillows or bedding or slippers, go to MyPillow.com and use promo code FEDUP.

You’ll get up to 66% off, plus 100 Percent Fed Up will benefit from the purchase.

Even if you don’t need something right now, do what you can to support Mike!

After all, MyPillow.com has much more than pillows:

At check out, look for this box:

Put in FEDUP and hit “APPLY.”

Thank you for helping us in this fight!

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