The worst part of this entire incident is the bad news that Fox just re-signed Shepard Smith to a multi-year contract. Ugh!

If you’ve ever watched Shepard Smith on Fox News at 3:00 p.m. EST, you know why his re-signing is such bad news. He is NOT a conservative in any way, shape or form. The problem with that is he editorializes his newscast into a snarky left-leaning rant against President Trump and anyone in the Trump camp. He puts on a good-ole boy act but then comes up with hateful zingers for conservatives. Injecting his liberal politics into his weekly newscast is distracting and frustrating. You want to scream at the TV, “Just read the damn news!”

Sean Hannity let him have it last July when Smith ranted against President Trump on-air. This time, Smith gave a snarly interview with Time Magazine where he criticized conservative hosts.


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Sean Hannity just fired back again at Smith, saying he’s “clueless” about how the network’s opinion shows operate.

Hannity tweeted on Friday to slam Smith:

While Shep is a friend with political views I do not share, and great at breaking news, he is clueless about what we do every day. Hannity breaks news daily-Warrant on a Trump assoc, the unmasking scandal, leaking intel, Fisa abuse, HRC lawbreaking, dossier and more REAL NEWS!

Washington Free Beacon reports:

In the interview, Smith spoke candidly of his distaste for the role of Fox News hosts Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Laura Ingraham in the realm of political commentary. Smith elaborated how reporting–his domain–differed greatly from opinion shows where “they don’t really have rules” and “can say whatever they want.”

“We serve different masters. We work for different reporting chains, we have different rules. They don’t really have rules on the opinion side,” Smith said. “They can say whatever they want. If it’s their opinion. I don’t really watch a lot of opinion programming. I’m busy.”

Smith further elaborated that it was his belief such programming was meant solely for the purpose of entertainment.

“Some of our opinion programming is there strictly to be entertaining. I get that. I don’t work there. I wouldn’t work there,” Smith said. “I don’t want to sit around and yell at each other and talk about your philosophy and my philosophy. That sounds horrible to me.”


Always liked Shep, but his comments were inconsiderate & inaccurate. The hard working team at the Ingraham Angle does real reporting, develops impt sources and scores big interviews. Very proud of them.

Ingraham, who hosts a show similar in format to Hannity’s, joined in to defend her fellow opinion hosts, saying his comments were “inconsiderate” and “inaccurate.” She further defended the work that her show does in breaking serious stories.




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