One of the biggest things Americans are most fed up with is the wasteful spending in DC. Donald Trump has promised to “drain the swamp” and hopefully with that will be cutting wasteful programs in the federal government. Our favorite list of things to cut has been cut down to our top 5. Forbes has a top 10 that’s got the last 5 things to cut. We hope you’ll agree we could make this list much, much longer!

1. Disarm federal regulatory agencies

During an eight-year period, 53 non-military, non-law enforcement agencies spent a shocking $335 million on guns, ammunition and military-style equipment.

2. Fire EPA lawyers

The EPA has more lawyers than scientists…The EPA doesn’t need 1,020 lawyers to harass the private sector.

3. Blockade federal funds for sanctuary cities

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Best was to clean up sanctuary cities!

4. Cut funding for agency self-promotion

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Congress should tell the administration how agencies are doing through rigorous oversight. Funding self-promotional agency PR campaigns is absurd.

5. Direct small business funds … to small business

Here’s a novel idea: Lending by the U.S. Small Business Administration should go to small businesses!

Read the last 5 at: Forbes


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