While the media totally focuses on hearsay, we have a mountain of scandals that have shown Hillary’s true colors…she REALLY is crooked and the people she surrounds herself with are too! Trump was right from the beginning…CROOKED HILLARY IS A PERFECT NAME!

Thanks to Wikileaks we know so much more about the inner workings of the Democrats and the press and it isn’t pretty. John Podesta’s e-mails show how the Democrats are in cahoots with the press in a BIG way. Since the press won’t report on the numerous scandals with Hillary, it’s up to all of us to read up and find the truth out for ourselves…

1. Mrs. Clinton had cozy and improper relationship with the mainstream media.

2. The State Department paid special attention to “Friends of Bill.”

3. Mrs. Clinton argued for “a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders.”

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4. The Clinton campaign was in touch with Department of Justice officials regarding the release of her emails.

5. The Clinton camp was tipped off to the release of the Benghazi emails.

6. Mrs. Clinton admitted sometimes her public and private positions differ.

7. Mrs. Clinton’s spokesman mocked Catholics and evangelicals as “severely backwards.”

8. Mrs. Clinton admitted she has a hard time relating to the struggles of the middle class.

9. Mrs. Clinton campaign used Benghazi as a distraction from the email scandal.

10. The Clinton team strategized on how to delay releasing emails, knowing it was against the law.

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