During Mike Pence’s presidential campaign rally in Sioux City, Iowa on Wednesday, a woman called out the former Vice President for his role in allowing the 2020 election results to move forward to a final vote before Congress.

Mike Pence

Republican presidential candidate and former VP Mike Pence was in Iowa on Wednesday speaking to voters, when a woman in the audience destroyed him for helping put Joe Biden in the White House.

“If it wasn’t for your vote, we would not have Joe Biden in the White House,” said a woman in the audience. “Joe Biden shouldn’t be there, and all those wonderful things that you and Trump were doing together would be continuing, and this country would be on the right path.”

“Do you ever second guess yourself?” the woman asked Pence. “That was a constitutional right that you had to send those votes back to the states. It was not like you were going to personally elect him.”

“We all know by the number of votes that were there who won that election.”

In response, Pence said, “The Constitution’s very clear. My job was to oversee the system of Congress, where objections could be heard, and I made sure that objections would be recognized. So we would hear whatever evidence or debate there was, but the Constitution says you open and count the votes – no more, no less.”

“Constitution affords no authority for the vice president or anyone else to reject votes or return votes to the state,” Pence added. “Never been done before, should never be done in the future.”

“I’m sorry ma’am but that’s actually what the Constitution says. No vice president of American history ever asserted the authority that you have been convinced that I had. But I want to tell you, with all due respect, I said before, I said when I announced – President Trump was wrong about my authority that day, and he’s still wrong.”

Speaking to reporters about the confrontation after the event, Pence said, “Frankly, I welcomed the opportunity to speak about it today. Because I know that my former running mate continues to hold the view that I had some authority that the Constitution had never given any vice president in history, and did not give me,”

“That’s why I looked her in the eye and I said President Trump was wrong then, and President Trump is still wrong. I had no right to overturn the election,” he added.

However, as Hans Mahncke pointed out in 2021, it was Pence himself who tried to “violate the Constitution” without the influence of Trump.

“We all got our doubts about the last election,” Pence had said. “And I want to assure you, I share the concerns of millions of Americans about voting irregularities. And I promise you, come this Wednesday, we’ll have our day in Congress. We’ll hear the objections, we’ll hear the evidence.”

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