A father who travels North America to speak out against gender ideology was recently assaulted by a transgender woman in Vancouver, with no intervention from the police officers standing nearby.

Billboard Chris with sign that reads “dad; noun; a human male who protects his kids from gender ideology”

Conservative activist Chris Elston, aka “Billboard Chris,” was at a pro-trans rally in Vancouver, Canada on March 31, where he quietly stood wearing a sign around his neck that said, “children cannot consent to puberty blockers.”

‘Billboard Chris’ wearing a ‘children cannot consent to puberty blockers’ sign around his neck

Elsotn was speaking to a journalist at the event when an aggressive transgender activist approached him and began screaming obscenities in his face.

“You suck. F*** you. F*** you you’re not wanted. F*** you, you’re a f***ing idiot,” the trans woman said.

When Elston didn’t react or acknowledge this person, they began getting louder, yelling “f*** you” over and over. Soon, others began to join in, yelling the same thing at Elston, who was trying to maintain composure and continue with the interview.


Eventually, the trans woman snapped, reached for Elston’s throat, and began to punch him. The Vancouver police, who were heavily present at the event, just stood around and watched the innocent man be brutally assaulted by the trans activist.

Elston posted a video of this assault on his social media, saying that the investigating officer said he instigated the attack and concluded it was a “mutual fight.”

If you watch the video, you will see it was anything but a mutual fight.

“I need to sue the [Vancouver Police Department],” Elston wrote on Twitter. “The assault on our kids can’t continue, and the police enabling anarchy and violence can’t continue either.”

On Monday, Tucker Carlson spoke about Elston’s assault and showed a video of an incredibly rude police officer laughing at Elston after he was physically attacked. Carlson revealed that the deputy police chief also ignored the assault, instead taking the side of the trans activist.

Elston appeared on The Charlie Kirk Show as well, where he said, “I’m not gonna let them intimidate me at all, I’m gonna keep going.”

“The most shocking thing was the behavior of the Vancouver police force,” Elston said.


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