In what seemed more like a parody than reality, Rep Rosa DeLauro went out of her way to commend Pete Buttigieg on Thursday after he proposed spending an enormous sum of money to purchase more female test dummies.

She highlighted that the Transportation Secretary is doing vital work “to ensure that female dummies are used in vehicle crash testing to fight the gender inequity among crash victims.” DeLauro praised Buttigieg, saying, “This will start to fight the gender inequity among vehicle safety and crash victims.”


Buttigieg’s call for a $20 million dollar budget to purchase more female crash dummies seems odd since Biden’s leftist administration cannot even identify what a woman is. Chuck Callesto tweeted, “Breaking Report: Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Proposes $20 Million Budget for FEMALE Crash Dummies… This is the same administration that CANNOT tell you the difference between a MAN and a WOMAN.”


Buttigieg’s request for female dummies is an admission that men’s and women’s bodies are different otherwise we would not need different types of crash test dummies. One Twitter user pointed this out to Leftist Rep. Hakeem Jeffries who has supported biological men playing in women’s sports saying biological males competing on female sports teams is “an issue that doesn’t really exist.”

Another Twitter user responded to Jeffries saying “Even he (Pete) knows women’s bodies are different than men’s bodies. That’s another reason even simpletons like you can understand why we have women’s sports and men’s sports.”


Even the NY Post criticized Buttigieg, saying:

“Despite stubbornly high inflation and a looming debt ceiling crisis, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is asking Congress for $20 million in his department’s proposed fiscal year 2024 budget — to develop female crash test dummies.

The dummy idea represents yet another equity-focused Biden administration initiative funded with taxpayer dollars. Equity, unlike equality, focuses on “fair” treatment – not equal.”

Buttigieg’s ask comes at the same time House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) introduced a bill to cut federal spending to 2022 levels. McCarthy is looking to cap federal spending for the next ten years in an effort to address the $31 trillion debt the nation has accrued through needless spending.

“These spending limits are not draconian; they are responsible. Federal spending exploded in the last two years when Democrats controlled all. Limited government spending will reduce inflation and restore fiscal discipline in Washington,” McCarthy said.

He added that the federal government should treat spending the same way American households do, saying,

“If Washington wants to spend money, it will have to come together to save money, just like every household in America.”


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