Truck drivers are 100% Fed Up with illegal Muslim refugees attempting to get across France border to UK by breaking into their trucks as they approach the border. Click HERE to watch violent attacks on drivers and their trucks by refugees who are desperate to get into semi-radicalized UK. 

A video has emerged on social media of a truck that is destined for Britain on which the driver has attached raw pork to keep Muslim migrants for climbing aboard.

The video shows a German truck waiting at Calais with at least four parts of the pig attached to its rear bumper.

The driver is believed to have impaled them on the body of the 18-wheeler in an attempt to keep desperate migrants from approaching his vehicle.

Pig flesh, particularly the eating of such, is strongly forbidden in Islam.

The meat chunks are seen secured to the foot of the truck’s opening hatch, through the likes of which hundreds of determined Syrians – displaced by war – have snuck inside to secure an illegal passage into the UK.

Drivers caught by border patrol with stowaways hidden in their cargo can face hefty fines and even imprisonment.

Via:Breaking 911


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