There are many questions that remain in this case of a truckload of illegals stopped by a barrier fence. This is the second time that a truckload of illegals has crashed into the barrier attempting to enter a Naval Air Station. Who are they and why are they trying to get in? Are they unaware that this is a Naval Air Station or is this something more sinister? The last sentence of the article doesn’t help us answer these questions:

It has not been revealed why the illegal aliens in this newest crash were attempting to enter the Naval Air Station.


A Chevrolet pickup truck loaded with 15 illegal aliens was stopped by a barrier fence when they attempted to enter Naval Air Station (NAS) Kingsville on Thursday. The barrier fence stopped the vehicle and prevented the illegal entry into the Naval facility.

On Thursday evening, about 8 p.m., the truck loaded down beyond capacity with suspected illegal aliens drove past the initial gate at the Kingsville NAS. Kingsville is located about 125 miles north of the Texas/Mexico border in Brownsville just off Highway 77.

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After they vehicle charged past the initial security point, Navy security guards initiated what is known as a “final defense barrier,” a NAS Kingsville public information officer posted on Facebook. This device is a combination of steel cables and rubberized posts that will stop, nearly instantly, a vehicle attempting to make an illegal entry. It is designed with the capability to stop a semi-trailer truck at high speed, Navy officials report.Extensive damage was done to the pickup truck and at least six of the passengers were injured. The injured passengers were taken to a local hospital where one of the injured was airlifted to nearby Corpus Christi.

Passengers were both male and female. Initially, KIII TV3 in Corpus Christi reported that 3 female passengers were on the run. NAS Kingsville now reports that all suspects are in custody.

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Human smugglers will routinely remove the seats inside a vehicle in order to cram as many people as possible into the truck. It is not known how many people were inside the extended cab or how many were in the bed of the truck.


“Our gate guard did exactly what he was supposed to do. He stepped out to observe the vehicle coming in and greeted the vehicle as he normally would, but the vehicle did not stop,” NAS Public Information Officer Jon Gagne told KIII in 2013. “It went through there at a high rate of speed. He notified the inside front gate and our barrier was deployed.”

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