Washington Post reporter took to Twitter to post an image of the venue where Trump was to appear in several hours. The only problem is, the Washington Post reporter didn’t say the image was taken several hours before President Trump appeared on stage.

Here is Dave Weigel’s #FakeNews post, that he has since deleted:

As someone who attended Trump’s final campaign rally, the night before the election in Grand Rapids, MI, I can attest to the incredible amount of security Trump supporters must go through before entering the venue. Trump supporters were lined up for miles to get into the event we attended, and after several hours, many of his supporters were seen trickling in, hours after the event started, after waiting to get through security.


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Here are a few of the pictures Trump posted in his tweet above to show the actual size of the crowd:

After the Washington Post reporter was outed by President Trump, for lying on Twitter about the size of Trump’s crowd at his rally, he apologized:

President Trump responded to Dave Weigel’s apology on Twitter. Trump called for his firing for pushing #FakeNews on Twitter.


Many of Trump’s supporters came to his defense on Twitter as well, posting images of a packed stadium for everyone to see:

Here’s what the line outside of the Trump rally actually looked like:


Here are several shots of the Pensacola venue from inside:


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