As the DOJ starts to place pressure on some of Trump’s lawyers who have now become “co-conspirators” in his recent Federal indictment in DC, one of them has made it clear he will never flip on Trump.

Trump’s former attorney John Eastman recently stated he would never flip on Trump by cooperating with authorities against Donald Trump

Eastman’s attorney in a public statement went on record saying “We’re ruling it out now and forever because he committed no crime. If indicted, we’re going to trial. If convicted, we’re appealing.”

Eastman’s attorney further stated that his client would “would reject any plea offer ‘now and forever.”

Here’s what The Daily Mail reported:

Alleged unindicted co-conspirator John Eastman’s attorney blasted prosecutors for trying to ‘flip’ people into cooperating against Donald Trump by including them in a bombshell grand jury indictment, saying his client would reject any plea offer ‘now and forever.’

The lawyer said Eastman will go to trial to defend himself if necessary after the government referenced him along with five other alleged co-conspirators in the indictment under a ‘terrible’ policy’ meant to squeeze witnesses.

‘We’re ruling it out now and forever, because he committed no crime. If indicted, we’re going to trial. If convicted, we’re appealing,’ lawyer Harvey Silvergate told Daily Mail when asked if he would take a plea.

‘There has been no crime committed by John Eastman. I’m not speaking to any of the other targets, nor for Trump. But for Eastman, there will be no deal whatsoever, period,’ he said.

Eastman is the first of six alleged co-conspirators identified in former President Donald Trump’s to say he wouldn’t make a deal with the government, amid speculation about why prosecutors declined to identify them by name, even while leaving obvious breadcrumbs.

Others could soon find themselves charged in the alleged conspiracy with Trump to defraud the government and interfere with the counting of the electoral votes.

Raw Story got the scoop too:

An attorney representing John Eastman, a co-conspirator in the indictment against Donald Trump over the former president’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election, said Wednesday that Eastman would consider cooperating with prosecutors – with or without immunity.

Charles Burnham during an appearance on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” made it clear that his client, a former Trump attorney, wouldn’t turn on the former president.


“…if by cooperation you mean flipping on Donald Trump or providing incriminating information, then absolutely not, simply because those aren’t the facts of this case, as it pertains to Dr. Eastman,” Burnham said, noting that such cooperation could occur under what he said were the “right circumstances.”

Asked by Burnett to clarify what he meant by the “right circumstances,” Burnham said, “I think if we thought there was an opportunity to engage with special counsel in a manner that we could be assured that they had an open mind about the truth, and we could come to explain some of the circumstances that might have led them to name him as an unindicted co-conspirator because we do believe that are some serious misunderstandings.”


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