THIS IS GREAT! A pro-Trump group fought back with their own billboard after a group put up a billboard  with the words “IMPEACHMENT NOW”.  The anti-Trump billboard is in the same lettering style. The response from a conservative group was to put up a pro-Trump billboard (see below).

The billboard is planned to go up on Monday along the presidential motorcade route in Florida. A PAC devoted to fighting anti-Trump efforts will put up its own billboard on Okeechobee Boulevard.

“When we saw the billboards go up we said, ‘we’re not going to let them have the field to themselves,’ ” said Ted Harvey, chairman of the Committee to Defend the President. “We will never leave the field of battle and we will be aggressive in our tactics.”

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When a PAC called Mad Dog PAC announced it would put up an impeachment billboard on the route the president’s motorcade, the pro-Trump group decided to fight back:

Palm Beach Post reports:

The committee mobilized its design team and began scouring the area for billboards, Harvey said. The closest billboard they could find on such short notice was just west of I-95 along Okeechobee Boulevard – not on the motorcade route. However, on April 2 – the day after Easter – the committee’s second billboard will go up. Not only is it along the motorcade route but it is also on the flip side of Mad Dog PAC’s impeachment billboard.

“That’s great,” said Claude Taylor, co-founder of Mad Dog PAC and a self-described “veteran political prankster” who served on the White House staff of former President Bill Clinton. However, Taylor was disappointed in the design to be used on the competition’s billboard. It is identical to Mad Dog’s billboard with one exception: “Impeachment Now – Make America American Again” has been replaced with “Thank You President Trump – Keep America Great!”

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