The Left despises him.

The media fears him, so they manufacturer fake stories about him and his wife.

Moderates in his own party, who have no idea what true conservatism looks like, would like to see him canceled.

But Matt “Mad Dog” Maddock, undeterred, keeps fighting.

Rep. Maddock addresses the crowd at an anti-COVID vaccine mandate protest.

Together, with his beautiful, strong, conservative wife, Meshawn Maddock, co-chair of the MI GOP, they’re an unstoppable force.

Guided by his conservative principles, Rep. Matt Maddock is one of only a handful of MI Republican lawmakers who called for a forensic audit of Michigan’s November 2020 election. A forensic audit of the election is a top priority for the majority of Republicans in the state, but unfortunately, it’s not so popular with spineless Republicans in leadership roles who are more worried about their next job than representing the citizens who elected them.

Yesterday, the Detroit News reported about Matt Maddock’s desire to become the next MI Speaker of the House.

Today, when Rep. Maddock opened his mail, he discovered an incredible and rare endorsement from President Trump for Michigan’s next Speaker of the House position. The endorsement was hand-written on a copy of the Detroit News article from yesterday and was signed by President Trump.


President Trump added the words “rigged and stolen” in a paragraph that refers to the November election. He also crossed “un” from the word “unproven” that referenced Trump’s claims about the stolen election.

Only moments ago, President Trump shared his official endorsement of Maddock, who he calls a “Trump original” and “long time activist and grassroots leader,” with the entire country. In his endorsement of Matt, Trump also talks about his wife Meshawn and how she’s doing amazing things to “fix the Michigan Republican Party.”

Why is President Trump’s endorsement so important for the role of Speaker in the Michigan State House? The answer is simple; President Trump is tired of faux conservative lawmakers who have abysmal records when it comes to following through on campaign promises, something that President Trump takes very seriously.

The House Speaker is a position that’s voted on by members. The vote is taken privately, so there’s no accountability for the vote of each member. The past two Speakers, Lee Chatfield and Jason Wentworth (the current Speaker), have been weak and ineffective, leaving Michigan Republicans to wonder if having a majority means anything to them. Maybe this time around, with Trump’s endorsement,  instead of choosing another moderate, ineffective, go-along-to-get-along Republican as their next Speaker, members of the House will elect someone with a backbone as the next House Speaker.

In full disclosure, Meshawn is a close friend, and I can attest to Trump’s glowing endorsement of Meshawn and Matt, two true heroes who’ve been fighting in the trenches with little to no recognition for years. So it’s nice to see them get the recognition they deserve finally.

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