This morning, Washington Times reported that  President Trump is giving his acting AG Matthew Whitaker free rein over Mueller’s Russia investigation including limiting or shutting down the investigation.

“It’s going to be up to him,” Mr. Trump said in an interview aired on Fox News Sunday.” “I wouldn’t get involved.”

Mr. Trump’s pick of Mr. Whitaker, the former chief of staff to ousted Attorney General Jeff Sessions and outspoken critic of the Mueller probe, ignited renewed accusations that the president was trying to squelch the investigation.

Democrats and some Republicans have called on Mr. Trump to find another attorney general. And Senate Democrats, with support from Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, are pushing legislation to protect the Mueller probe.

Mr. Trump said he was unaware of Mr. Whitaker’s previous public remarks criticizing the probe and saying there was no Trump campaign collusion with Russian medaling in the 2016 presidential race. –

Democrat lawmaker, Adam Schiff, who’s like the little dog you can’t stop from biting you in the ankles when you visit your great aunt, immediately warned President Trump that he thinks Whitaker’s appointment is “unconstitutional”.

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Since it’s inception, Schiff has consistently gone out of his way to push the phony Trump-Russian collusion story and has stuck to his guns, in spite of evidence that continues to pile up, revealing that the whole scheme was a Democrat hatched plan to set-up then-candidate, President Trump.

The Hill is reporting that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif), the likely next chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said Sunday that Democrats will challenge the appointment of new acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.

“Yes, and yes,” Schiff told ABC’s “This Week” when asked if Democrats would push back against Whitaker’s appointment and if he is still concerned that he poses a threat to special counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation into Russian election meddling and alleged collusion between Trump’s 2016 campaign and Moscow.

“I think the appointment is unconstitutional,” Schiff said, adding that Whitaker’s appointment has to be subject to Senate confirmation.

President Trump responded to Adam Schiff’s threats on Twitter, by gracing him with a new nickname:

So funny to see little Adam Schitt (D-CA) talking about the fact that Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker was not approved by the Senate, but not mentioning the fact that Bob Mueller (who is highly conflicted) was not approved by the Senate!

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