At 9 am on Monday, over 30 federal agents descended on President Trump’s Florida home, Mar-a-Lago, reportedly going through Donald Trump’s private office and even searching Melania Trump’s wardrobe.

More details continue to come out about what took place inside the Palm Beach property, and it is now being reported that the FBI agents spent time rummaging through Melania’s wardrobe hoping to find whatever “classified information” they were supposedly looking for.

As photos and reports emerge from this day, it seems more and more like a bunch of political theater.

The New York Post learned that the FBI’s search warrant was focused on finding presidential records and classified information being kept at the Florida home. However, Trump’s attorneys, headed by Evan Corcoran, insist they have fully cooperated in the return of such documents to the National Archives and Records Administration.

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Back in May, Corcoran granted the FBI access to Mar-a-Lago’s windowless storage room which they rummaged through for several hours. Corcoran was able to monitor the search, and Trump even stopped in to say hello to the agents.

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In contrast, during Monday’s raid, the federal agents refused to allow Trump’s attorneys to even stand within the lobby of Mar-a-Lago during the 9-hour raid.

Although it was a scorching 91 degrees, the agents forced Trump’s lawyers to remain outside in the parking lot. Keeping the lawyers at a distance during the search raised speculation and concern that the FBI agents or DOJ lawyers could have planted evidence.

The agents, accompanied by a professional safecracker, conducting the search scoured the Trump family’s 3,000-square-foot private quarters, Trump’s private office where they broke open a safe, and a locked basement storage room that contained material from the White House.

The material from the secured storage room held 15 boxes of White House material. They reportedly hold documents and mementos from Trump’s presidency, including letters from Barack Obama, Kim Jong Un, and other world leaders. All boxes were confiscated by the FBI according to an eyewitness who saw the boxes being carried out.

Considering there are already U.S. Secret Service Agents with M4 carbines guarding the entrance to the 20-acre private country club, it is unclear why the FBI also sent agents that were heavily armed to the scene. This enhances the impression many have that this was all a show to make Trump look bad.

US Secret Service Agent outside Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday

One eyewitness reported specifically on the “arrogant” demeanor of the three DOJ lawyers who accompanied the FBI. The source said that the lawyers continuously told Trump’s representatives, “We have full access to everything. We can go everywhere.”

The FBI remained at Mar-a-Lago from 9 am to 6:30 pm

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