President Donald Trump is still the favored Republican party candidate of the American people.  A recent Trafalgar group survey found that Trump leads his potential challengers in South Carolina by double-digits.

The survey asked, “If the Republican presidential primary were held today and the following were the candidates, for whom would you most likely vote?”

Trump took 43% of the vote. Coming in second place was Ron DeSantis at 28%.


The survey was taken the week of January 24-26, 2023 with 1,078 likely GOP presidential primary voters participating.

The poll also showed that if DeSantis is removed, Trump’s support will grow to 47.9 percent, with Scott and Haley also surging, garnering 22.8 percent and 21.1 percent, respectively. 


The survey was taken the week of January 24-26, 2023, with 1,078 likely GOP presidential primary voters participating. The percent margin of error is +/- 2.9.

Former political strategist and political advisor Dick Morris believes 2024 belongs to Trump. And that Trump’s strategy will be to run on something that unites Americans; a distaste for corruption. Over the past two years, the level of exposed corruption coming from the three letter agencies, the White House, and the legislative body has been unfathomable. Perhaps the only thing to rival their underhanded malfeasance is the shady dealings found in big tech who opted to function as the handmaid of the government. Big government and big tech have a nasty role in Americans’ lives, colluding, negotiating, and using taxpayer dollars to defraud the public. Both are equally despicable. Both will help Trump win.

Trump is a favorite of the people because he stands against both and is considered a D.C. outsider. What has been his great challenge is also his great strength. Being an outsider has caused considerable chaos for Trump. The establishment fears him because they cannot control him, which makes patriotic Americans love him.

Morris believes that DeSantis will also run for the office of President someday, but that it will not be in 2024.

Newly elected U.S. Ohio Senator JD Vance also has thrown his support behind Trump. Vance said his reason is that Trump maintained peace during his presidency, “He started no wars despite pressure from his own party…He has my support in 2024 because I know he won’t recklessly send Americans to fight overseas.”

The newly released poll numbers corresponded with Trump’s trip to South Carolina in late January.

Trump held a campaign event alongside Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Gov. Henry McMaster (R-SC), and Rep Russell Fry (R-SC). Trump addressed the crowd saying,

“I’m thrilled to be back in the great state of South Carolina, we won it twice by record numbers, and it’s just a real honor. It’s an incredible place. This campaign will be about issues,” Trump explained. “Joe Biden has put America on the fast track to ruin and destruction, and we will ensure that he does not receive four more years.”

Trump continued warning of the importance of the upcoming election while expressing his willingness to fight, “The 2024 election is our one shot to save our country, and we need a leader who is ready to do that on day one. We need a fighter who can stand up to the left, who can stand up to the swamp, stand up to the media, stand up to the deep state … am I allowed to say stand up to the RINOs too?”

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