Americans either love or hate his tweets, but tonight, President Trump won the internet as he made everyone laugh with a hilarious photoshopped image of Barack Obama using suction cups to keep himself affixed to a window outside of Trump’s penthouse in New York City while spying on him with binoculars.

Here’s the image President Trump tweeted. He didn’t include any explanation. There is really no explanation needed. President Trump has been saying all along that Obama and his cronies spied on his campaign.

Trump’s tweet is clearly in reference to the breaking news tonight that revealed newly released court documents, showing the DOJ has admitted as part of the Russian interference in the 2016 election investigation, that it had “insufficient” cause to continue wiretaps of Carter Page.

It turns out that at least two of the four applications with the FISA Court were deemed “not valid.”.

The DOJ admitted in an order posted Thursday that it did not have “probable cause to believe that Page was acting as an agent” of Russia.

This comes over a month after the IG identified 17 inaccuracies in wiretap requests of Carter Page, who was a Trump campaign adviser.

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In other words, Trump campaign advisor Carter Page was illegally spied upon while President Obama was still in office.

Here’s the tweet:

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